C-Change Staff

For additional background information on the important work of C-Change and its Members, including how national organizations with a commitment to controlling cancer might become engaged in this historic initiative, please email us at info@c-changetogether.org.

1634 Eye Street, NW
Suite 800
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: (202) 349-0902
Fax: (202) 347-5266

   Tom Kean, MPH
 President & CEO
 (202) 349-0908

Kristen Cox Santiago, MS
Director, Strategic Initiatives and Outreach
-Sustaining a Strong National Cancer Workforce
-Assuring Value in Cancer Care
(202) 349-0910

   Brian Alexander
 Manager, Marketing & Information Systems          
 (301) 806-1684
  Payal Shah, MPH
Director, Strategic Initiatives and Advocacy
-Promoting a National Shift to Prevention and Early Detection
-Increasing Privacy Protection and Reducing Research Impediments
(202) 349-0911
   Kinga Bartoszek
 Vice President, Finance & Operations
 (202) 349-0909
  Brandi Stevenson, CMP
Meetings Manager
(202) 349-0906

 Clay Battin
 Director of Development & Major Gifts
 (202) 349-0907

  Tasha Tilghman-Bryant, MPA
Director, Strategic Initiatives and Communications
-Implementing a National Cancer Health Disparities Strategy
-Comprehensive Cancer Control (CCC)
(202) 349-0912