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Founded in 1998, C-Change is the only organization that assembles key cancer leaders from the three sectors — private, public, and not-for-profit — and from across the cancer continuum — prevention, early detection, treatment and quality of life. Our mission is to eliminate cancer as a major public health problem at the earliest possible time by leveraging the expertise and resources of our unique multi-sector membership.

C-Change’s approach is to look at cancer, the disease most feared by Americans, as a societal burden which we all bear the responsibility for addressing, individually and collectively.


It is with very sad hearts that we send this message about the death of C-Change member, dear friend, and colleague Selma Schimmel. Selma touched the lives of many as a result of her work as Founder and CEO of Vital Options® International.

Selma worked tirelessly to help others face the realities of being diagnosed with cancer, dedicating her life to advancing the field of oncology.  Read More

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